These are all one of a kind signs. They are  hand painted on 1/2" MDO material with painting and lettering done in one shot sign enamel. No digital printing, stencils, or vinyl lettering has been used.

These signs are for use at home or your business and can be used  indoor or outdoor. All pieces are made of 1/2 inch medium density overlay materials and painted with one shot sign enamel paint. Each piece is one of a kind, painted by hand and is not printed or mass produced and is made throught the craftsmanship and skill of the trade of signmaking. If you would like to purchase any of these, you may do so by going to under DacusDesignStudio and pay with paypal or credit card. 

We'll be adding more to the store, so come back and thank you for shopping!

crawfish pic.jpg

Size: 14"x24"         Price: $120.00

bbq pic.jpg

Size: 12"x24"                     Price: $95.00

painless dentist.jpg

Size:  15"X22"           Price:  $95.00


Size:  10"x24"                 Price:  $65.00


Size:  9.5"x28"           Price: $65.00


Size:  14.5"x37"   Price:  $120.00

Size:  9.5"x26"                          Price:  $65.00


Size:  8:x46"                                    Price:  $80.00

 Each sign - 9 in. x 21 in.                                 Price: $70.00 Set of 2

Size: 11"x14"             Price: $60.00

 Vintage Sign

Size: 12 " x 26"            Price $120.00

 Vintage Sign

Size: 11x14"               Price: $60.00

 Vintage Sign

Size: 12" x 15.5"        Price: $60.00

Vintage Sign